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Squirrel House

Welcome to our new squirrel house, this a 24 hour live stream of a gray squirrel nest located in a tree in our backyard.
Stream Location: Bloomington MN
Broadcaster Since: February 7, 2008.
Hit Count: 310891.
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Squirrel House Weather Report

Hi Squirrel House friends !!

This is a live stream of a wild gray squirrel nest located in a tree in our backyard.

We have two gray squirrels moving into the nest. The best times to see them active is dusk and dawn. During the night they will wake up and groom each other. Please scroll down and join us on Facebook.

We have moved into our new house and we have both gray squirrels and flying squirrels in our neighborhood! We may see flying squirrels in the squirrel house.

The original squirrel house had a pregnant squirrel living in it when we sold the house. I'm sure that female was also born in the house. I hope the new owner will enjoy watching her and her babies. I left the camera in the squirrel house, I did not want to disturber her by trying to remove it. We watched over 30 babies grow up in that tree, we will never forget the fun of seeing them play.

If you would like a squirrel house with live camera in your yard, go to or email us at

The Squirrel House Story

In the spring of 2008 we made a squirrel house with a wireless camera and placed it in a tree in our yard. A short time later a mother squirrel moved in with her 5 very young babies. She raised the babies in the house and in the course of about a month she evicted them and sent them on their way. The mother only came back to the feeder a few times in early June; we did not see her again until 2009. One of the babies had a dark spot on his tail, this was damage to the tail due to an encounter with a local cat.

During the summer we only saw "Spot" a few times. The squirrels spend the hot summer nights sleeping in the trees and not in the nests. In the fall of 2008 Spot returned and started to build his own nest in the squirrel house. He was joined by another squirrel (we assume it was a sibling) and together they lived in the nest during late September. I arrived home one day to find Spot's friend dead at the base of the tree, he was killed by a cat.

Later that fall Spot found himself a female, and she moved into the house. It was a beautiful sight to see them cuddling to keep warm during the cold fall nights (see the video on the video page of our website We had high hopes of a family in the house during the upcoming spring. These hopes changed to heartfelt sorrow when we noticed that one of the squirrels was not leaving the nest. After a few days I opened the nest to find Spot's mate dead. She had been attacked by a cat and made it into the house before she died. Spot had been spending the nights trying to keep her warm, but she was already dead. This was a very sad time.

That spring Spot found himself a new mate. He was not coming home at night and after a few days we noticed that he was hanging around with a new female. We named her Sophie. Sophie evicted Spot from the nest and gave birth to a healthy litter. We believe Spot was the father.Since that time we have watched 30 babies raised in the Squirrel House. We have also lost several squirrels to the cats that roam the neighborhood, but the joy of watching nature up close outweighs the loss and tragedy that comes with it.

This cam has been broadcasting since 2008 and in of March 2009, it was the winner of EarthCams "Top 10 Cams" award.

Thank You for Viewing

Lori & Patrick

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Please Help feed the Squirrels, they will thank you! All donations will receive the plans to create your own Squirrel House with camera.

Babies!! This is a video from March 25, 2011. The babies are only about an hour old.

(Top) Babies are exploring the tree (Bottom) This is a video from March 25, 2011. We have 4 little pink wigglers

Babies!! This is a video from May 18 2010. The babies are playing on the deck of the Squirrel House

Baby squirrel enjoying a piece of apple. Taken May 2009.

This is a video of our first litter. Spring 2008

This is also from 2008. Mom is sleeping with her babies

This is from our litter of 2009. Mom is feeding her babies.

This was from the summer litter of 2010. The crazy baby squirrels are having fun

This is why we have the deck on the Squirrel house. We love to see them having fun

Mom is out with her babies 2010

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Squirrel House

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